Business Information

TNK Asia supports clients’ intellectual property strategies in Japan. TNK Asia provides services that reduce the client’s effort related to intellectual property activities as much as possible.

Patent application

Creating documents of patent applications is one of TNK Asia’s strengths. If you provide us the technical description regarding invention in English, we will prepare claims, specification, and drawings in English or other languages. We produce a lot of applications each year, and already have a variety of experience. You can get high quality documents based on our experience. Due to the difference in prices from English-speaking countries, preparing documents in Japan will bring benefits to you in terms of cost.

Management Patent application for multiple countries

TNK Asia has an excellent network to help patent in multiple countries, especially for Asia. We can handle your patent application in all countries by cooperating with agent of each country. Please check ‘Easy to go’.

Design patent application

The design right, which is an exclusive right regarding the design of an product, ensures that the business owner can monopolize the sales of product. If you consult with TNK Asia, we will propose an appropriate design patent application to monopolize the sales of product. In Japan, you can obtain design rights for images displayed on the website (web pages), icons, and buildings  by applying for design patent application. As a result, it is possible to ensure that the web page, icon, store exterior and interior used by you for business are not imitated by others. Furthermore, it is possible to secure a stronger monopoly status for products by filing a design patent application in combination with a patent application.


TNK Asia also supports clients regarding trademark registration in Japan. It is also possible to receive a wide range of protection by trademark rights for the client’s products in combination with patent rights and design rights. The patent right protects the idea (technical idea), the design right protects the design (aesthetic appearance), and the trademark right protects the product name (or service name). With widespread protection based on these, client can protect the product more reliably.


TNK Asia also conduct various investigations such as prior art searches before patent application, patent infringement investigations (clearance investigations), and prior art searches for information provision.


TNK Asia also judge whether the client’s product conflicts with the patent rights of others, whether the other’s product infringes the patent rights of the client, or the validity of the patent.

Dispute resolution

If there is a dispute with another person regarding patent rights, TNK Asia will provide services to resolve the dispute. We have strong ties with lawyers with high expertise in the intellectual property department and can provide dispute resolution means through mediation and arbitration. According to mediation and arbitration, it is possible to solve a problem by drawing a meaningful conclusion for both parties, not as a solution to win or lose. We can also work with lawyers to resolve disputes by filing infringement lawsuits.


TNK Asia offers a variety of intellectual property rights advice, including domestic and overseas applications for patents, designs, and trademarks, legal consultation related to rights acquisition, utilization of domestic and overseas rights (technology transfer, license, etc.), etc.  We can also make an advisory contract with the client. If you have any questions or concerns regarding patent rights, intellectual property in general including specific unfair competition and copyrights, please contact ‘Reception’. We provide highly specialized answers.

Responding to the intellectual property rights of others

TNK Asia provides information provision, request for trial for invalidation, and object to patent and trademark registration, etc.