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About us
Protecting Inventions around the world
TNK Asia IP Attorneys are an association of professionals in the field of intellectual property. We were founded in 2011 to meet a need with protection of intellectual property in this rapidly developing globalization. Since the foundation, we have been providing high quality intellectual property legal services for clients both within and outside Japan.

We have established good relationships with intellectual property law firms throughout the world, including China, Thailand, and United States of America, enabling our team of professionals to handle all types of domestic and international filing needs for our clients.

We are proudly representing one of the largest Osaka-based global electric companies over years for filing both domestic and oversee patent applications.

The members of our firm are well-experienced in supporting not only for protection of Patent, but in other fields of Intellectual Property. We are capable of working for the protection of Trademarks with strong tie-up with trademark professionals.

Our Work
– For Patent rights, Utility model rights, Design rights, and Trademark rights, all necessary procedures toward registration are covered
(application, opposition, and trial both in Japan and oversees)
– Drafting and proposing application documents by accurately understanding inventions
– Search
– Consulting
– Mediation and representation for assignment of rights, licensing, etc.
– Settlement of disputes

Message for Oversee Partners
Our Strength
TNK Asia IP Attorneys is well-experienced in supporting oversee clients for filing applications in Japan. We have successfully led such cases for registration in Japan for Patent and Design rights.

In ahead of domestic application, we thoroughly review contents of foreign application documents which claiming priority of, for accurate translations. Based on our experience and knowledge in the field, we also have confidence in responding in Office Actions issued by Japan Patent Office. We offer proposals for Amendment and Argument if applicants wish for our professional support.

Service fees
Although we are capable of providing high quality intellectual property legal services not in the least inferior to large law firms, our service fees are cost-effective and reasonable.

All our invoices are payable by foreign currencies, such as dollars, euros, or Chinese Yuan.

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