Easy to go

TNK Asia has an excellent network to help patent in multiple countries, especially for Asia. We can handle your patent application in all countries by cooperating with agent of each country. You do not need to ask a patent application to a different agent on a country-by-country basis. We already have a plan to minimize the cost burden on you. TNK Asia can free you from many problems about foreign applications.

To get patent in foreign countries, you must go through the procedures in every country. However, if you can contact to TNK Asia, it’s easy to try getting patent in all countries. We will support all the procedures on your behalf.

Please let us know your invention that you need to get patent or a patent application already filed in any country. TNK Asia will support all procedures in each country. Your invention goes to countries around the world, including Japan.

TNK Asia will take care of you about all necessary support such as languages, documents, and systems of each country. You can leave them to TNK Asia, and no time is required for troublesome clerical work.

Even after Filing, you will not be bothered by the many documents received from each country. We can support to manage them and you can focus on your core business. You just need to give us the minimum required answers.

Please contact ‘ reception ‘ . We will guide you through all the steps towards obtaining patent in every country. Your tedious preparation is not required.